U Shopper Large - Horizontal Pin Stops with Natural Shoulders


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This two handled basket was designed for the western market and is considered in Ghana to be a more modern style of Bolga basket. It is a perfect market basket with a wide mouth and deep bottom, it holds-well-a lot of stuff! It measures approximately 18 inches at its tallest and approximately 18 inches at its widest, the depth is around 10" (really, we mean approximately). The handles are flexible, folding into the basket somewhat and measure 8" when standing upright. The elephant grass is dyed in rustic pots over a wood burning fire and the over the shoulder long handles are sewn by the men who are employed by the collective.

All Big Blue Moma baskets are made by hand and as such, size and shape may vary slight from what is pictured.


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Big Blue Moma's commitment to fair trade means your purchase directly supports Ghanian communities, allowing skilled artisans to earn a living wage from their work.


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