V Shape with Handle - Solid Natural


These are one of the few styles that will arrive pre shaped.  It's a firmer weave so instead of folding it to ship, it is nested with all three sizes.  We break them up however for your purposes, to offer a variety of sizes to your customers.  All three sell with equal vigour.

No handle baskets are great for those stashes of things like wool, magazines and mail.  I have two on my office wall that I have mounted with small hooks, to help me organize the filing i never seem to get to.  I also have one in my hubby's bathroom for magazines, again, mounted on the wall to keep the floor space clear.  I have used them in the pantry and the holiday trailer as well, and in the back of our SUV for dog toys and those essentials you rarely need but always want to have on hand.

They come in three sizes and this one has no handle.  Large is 16"W x 10"H x 8"D, Medium is 14"W x 8"H x 7"D and Small is 12"W x 6"H x 5"D.  All sizes are approximate of course.

When you order a variety of sizes, you will get a variety of colours, unless otherwise requested.


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