Tuffet - Tiny Turquoise


Sometimes you see something and you just gotta have it-for me, I see something and I just gotta make it. That's the case with these little babies. I've always had a passion for furniture and reupholstering, in the 90's my muscle were constantly sore from pulling and stretching fabric every which way, and the vacuum bag was full of staples and foam crumbs. I'm so happy I found my way back there with tuffets!

"Tiny Turquoise Tuffet" is rectangular, 28" long x 16" wide and is 10" high. This is a subtlety coloured tuffet-well for me anyway-and is trimmed with the most fabulous turquoise ombre fun fur. The button is Denim and the legs are two toned lacquered.

What can I say-these are my newest passion. I can get enuff tuffets. Want a custom one? Just ask, I'd love to! Seriously-I'd love to...

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