Trashy Round Large - Turquoise & Blue

Regular price $96.00

Trashy baskets are made from recycled plastic bags and/or fabric scraps. The warp (vertical structure of the basket) is made of elephant grass, just like the regular bolga baskets.

While slightly more expensive than regular Big Blue Moma baskets, they remain a constant and strong selling basket for us because of their unique appearance and eco friendly materials. Once you sell one, you will sell more of these as they are very conversational.

This is an excellent item for eco conscious communities, but also a topical fashion piece. It is very popular with 20-35 year olds-and it makes an excellent gift item because it is fair trade, recycled and beautiful.



Baskets That Make A Difference

Big Blue Moma's commitment to fair trade means your purchase directly supports Ghanian communities, allowing skilled artisans to earn a living wage from their work.


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