Pot Basket WHOLESALE - Teeny Tiny


I always get asked what you are supposed to use this one for and honestly sometimes I just don't know what to say-I mean, these are really small.  What I do know for sure, is that since we began carrying them less than a year ago, it has outsold any other basket we carry...just saying.  Sometimes all you really need is a cute basket


Sizes of the Pot baskets vary but the Teeny Tiny ones are generally 5"H x 5"D.  These are shipped folded and need to be dipped in water to reshape them.  It's easy, don't be scared to dunk them fully in warm or cold water.  The baskets love it.  Tell your customers to dip it once or twice per year to ensure the grass stays healthy as well.


SRP: Large $85.00 Cdn

         Large Solid Colour $87.00 Cdn

         Medium $60.00 Cdn 

         Small $32.00 Cdn

         Mini $30.00 Cdn

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