WHOLESALE Square Basket - Large


This is another stye with rigid, sturdy structure.  The three sizes come nested and I recommend ordering a few of each size.  


Large square sell really well for us a sewing shows for a featherweight sewing machine. I have also sold one to house a microscope for mushroom identification.  I have one behind the drivers seat of the car because it fits perfectly there and I always have a plastic bag substitute handy for quick trips to the store.  Square baskets fit nicely almost anywhere with no wasted space.  They fill the closet in our tiny boiler trailer as well and we use them as laundry baskets when we camp.  Also, we have them in our home on book shelves...really the possibilities are limitless.


Small Square Baskets are 13"W x 9"D x 7"H, Mediums are 14"W x 10"D x 8"H and Larges are 15"W x 11"D x 9"H.


SRP: Large $65.00 Cdn

         Medium $60.00 Cdn

         Small $55.00 Cdn

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