Shoulder Shopper - Retail

Shoulder Shopper - Retail


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These were designed for the Western market and as a rule sell very, very well for us. With straps long enough to go over the should, it is great for carrying extra weight.

I have heard this described as a "beach bag" several times and always remind those looking to fill that void the shopper squishes nicely in a travel bag and can be rehydrated with water once you get to your beach destination. I personally use them as a shopping bag, and my mother swear by this style, always having at least three in her car at all times for grocery trips.

Easily the most popular shape for a gift as well it is light weight and very practical.

Important Changes to Wholesale Ordering:
Our customers can now request their colour preferences through our website. 

"Natural Palette" refers to baskets with more earth tones, Natural, Natural & Black, Natural & Navy

"Traditional Palette" refers to the more common Colour palette of Bolga baskets, those colours chosen by our weavers. Generally These colours are bright, bold and beautiful.

While we make every effort to supply our customer with the colour palettes they choose we can not guarantee 100% accuracy with colour selection-but we really, really do try. 



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