Creative Measures Bracelet

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Now you will never be without your measuring tape!

Made of Leather with a single post closure, these leather bracelets are a must have for the knitter, designer, or anyone who just loves to measure know who you are. Wrap it twice around your wrist and you are prepared for that knitting project on the go, measuring your windows for blinds (personal experience) and a whole lot more.

Our font is a 14 point, which means it is easy to see for those of us over 50, and we cater to both imperial and metric measures because as Canadians we go both ways don't we?  As of May 27th, these bracelets are also adjustable so if you buy the wrong size, we can help you through the resizing process in about ten minutes.

These are complete for gift giving and come in a small wooden box, complete with a quote about creativity engraved on the inside of the box lid and colour coded to match your new bracelet.  Turn the box into storage for your favourite notions once the bracelet has become a regular feature on your wrist.  The boxes, and the bracelets are made in house-in the back yard actually-of our studio in Calgary.  We use premium leather, but each one is from an off cut so colours are limited and change frequently. 

This product is a handmade item so minor imperfections are inevitable.

Shipping for this item is a flat fee of $8.00 Canadian anywhere in North America.

This item is also available for qualifying wholesale customers.  


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