Laundry - Large Size - WHOLESALE


It's true these are mostly used for laundry with double handles making it easy to carry a full load.  There are however many other uses for the hamper to share with your customers;

  • Kids Toys
  • Dog Toys (for those if us with no kids)
  • Firewood
  • Blankets
  • MAJOR knitting stashes
  • Recycling (my personal favourite)

This is one basket I have continuous requests for.  Many customers will request specific colours so please, pass that on to us and we will do our best to get any matching your requests in your next order.  We can also get custom items made, but it takes time.  Usually up to two months.  

We pride ourselves our customer however and I have been known to email or text photos (when possible) of our current in stock selection if your customer requires it, you just have to ask!

There are three sizes of Hampers available Small (16"h x 13"d), Medium (18"h x 15"d), and Large (20"h x 17"d).  Two styles are available, with a lid, or without a lid.  While I personally prefer to have my mess covered, the two styles sell evenly.

If you are concerned about space, remember you can fill these with other items, even small baskets as we tend to do.  They also stack for a strong and impactful display.

SRP:  Small Laundry $118.00 Cdn

          Medium Laundry $128.00 Cdn

          Large Laundry $138.00 Cdn 


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