Bread Basket - WHOLESALE


This is called the bread basket, but as my sarcastic husband will say "if you put oranges in it, well then it's an oranges basket".

It's a good size at 16"L x 6"H x 9"W not including the handle. It''s narrow and fits nicely in a variety of small places.  Actually, I have one on the vanity of my smallest bathroom to hold my blowdryer and all that hair product I hate having on the counter.  we also have them in the pantry with snacks, and we use them for onions, potatoes...I may have more than I thought kicking around the house.  

Oh-and lets not forget the one I also have in my holiday trailer...

These sell F-A-S-T because of the price point and the practical shape.  We just can't keep them in stock so if something happens and we are out when you order-we will send you a note and suggest the small round as it's substitution.  

SRP $32.00 Cdn

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